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Mon to Sat : 9:00am to 6:00pm
Sector F-7 Blue Area, Islamabad

Japan Citi Bahawalpur

Introduction of Japan Citi

Japan Citi Bahawalpur is an addition to the real estate market of Bahawalpur. Clean drinking water makes it a dream place to live.

Bahawalpur state was found in 1727 AD by Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan Abbasi. Mr. Nawab allied with the British in 1833 and Bahawalpur became the princely state of British India. After partition, Bahawalpur joined the Dominion of Pakistan. It remained an independent state till 1955 and then it got merged with West Pakistan`s province.

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“I wouldn’t have been anything if it wasn’t for what I was willed to do by the Almighty Allah. I have been be – stowed by blessings of successful projects for the past 10 years and InSha-Allah, Japan town will only bring out the best for everyone, because am a true believer that whatever is started with a clean
intention, ends with the benefit of all. I believe in my powers and the fact that a
person is meant to go through trials only to build himself up and be known for whole actually is. My shore started from Gujranwala, Dera Ghazi Khan, Multan and now after the successful completion of Japan Town Bahawalpur, Japan Citi Bahawalpur will be touched with modesty while keeping our moral values and Islamic background in mind. My intentional respect and support for my
people and the project I develop will enlighten my honest work, love and deep essence of moral values for myvery own beloved country.

Journey of Success

An Islamic scholar running business successfully, Hafiz Raza Ullah Rauf which not only a person’s name but also a symbol of prosperity. The exhaust-less efforts and achievements that belong to his name are: Sharjah City Housing Scheme, Gujranwala
China Market, Gujranwala
Bilal Ganj Market, Gujranwala
Multan Trade Center, Multan
Garden Town, D.G Khan
Golf City, Multan
Trade Zone, Multan
Japan Town, Mamoon Kanjan
Japan Town, Bahawalpur

Facilities & Amenities at Japan Citi Bahawalpur

  1. Underground electricity
  2. Parks
  3. Boundary wall
  4. Jamia mosque
  5. Community center
  6. Sewerage
  7. Play areas
  8. Gas
  9. University
  10. School
  11. Fool proof security system
  12. Graveyard
  13. Hospital
  14. Water Filtration plant
  15. Amusement park